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Robert AronovClients’ ChoiceAward 2017
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    Robert Aronov & Associates helps our clients maintain the upper hand at every stage of a their legal dispute. Call now to learn about our successfull legal campaigns.

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    Our law firm has decades of experience dealing with business, breach of contract, partnership, commercial, shareholder, real estate & all civil other disputes.

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    Call us to learn more about the stages (ie. complaint, discovery, motions, trials etc.) of the civil litigation process and deal with any legal dispute at hand.

    Robert AronovClients’ ChoiceAward 2017
    Robert AronovReviewsout of 27 reviews

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    Robert Aronov & Associates, The Choice For Civil Litigation in NY For decades, Robert Aronov & associates have been providing their clients with award winning legal services for disputes pertaining to breach of contracts, partnerships, commercial leases, shareholders, real estate & more.
    Legal conflicts between ordinary people, businesses and shareholders are alike are everyday occurrences. These disputes are the result of a failure in the fulfillment of an agreement between the parties. Litigation is the legal process that ensues at the point where the the parties involved and their attorneys cannot come to terms.
    When you retain Robert Aronov & Associates you receive the integrity, results, dedication and professionalism required to resolve the dispute in your favor. Whether it be exploring a lucrative settlement or zealously litigating your case, we do what’s right for you.
    We understand that timing is everything when it comes to breach of contracts and other civil disputes. Financial losses can literally grow by the second and that’s why the team at Robert Aronov & Associates is well staffed and always on call for our clients.
    Business is business, and well, business involves contracts. Contract disputes are often the result of oral or inexpertly drafted contracts causing misinterpretations or underhanded claims of differing interpretations. As a result, daily operations and profitability can be negatively affected. As a matter of fact, many business disputes are often the result of a breach of contract allegations. There is always the option to negotiate, however, should this approach be unsuccessful reaching out to an experienced lawyer to assist in litigation is the logical next step. The cornerstone of the business is contracts – the mutual promise from one business person to another encouraging trust. Allow our experienced legal team to assist you through resolving your contract-dispute issue.
    Verifying Breach of Contract
    Right from the onset, your best option is to have a retain a lawyer experienced in commercial litigation in order to review the contract before signing it. This simple step will often save you the trouble of a contract dispute. If, however, you find yourself having entered into a contract that you are convinced has been breached you have the option to take legal action. There are three components contributing to a breach of contract in New York;
    1. A binding contract is already in existence.
    2. The contract is fundamentally breached by one or more parties.
    3. The breach results in damages.
    Matters that often contribute to a breach of contract include; duress, a signing participant making an error, fraud and the legitimacy of the contract.
    Breach of Contract Claims in Court The lawyers at Robert Aronov & Associates, PC are experienced in dealing with contract disputes and breach of contract issues. Our legal team can assist with pleading requirements, as breach-of-contract claims require that the existence of a contract be demonstrated. In addition, we can assist with the use of expert witnesses in order to simplify any industry-specific jargon or common practices within a particular industry when principal terms are absent from a contract. Court-ordered remedies in business litigation consist of rescission, compensatory damages, specific performance and liquidated damages.
    We Can Help
    It doesn’t take long for a contract dispute to get complicated, the legal team at Robert Aronov & Associates, PC focuses on providing outstanding results – with the efficiency, resources and skills to assist you with all legal matters related to business. Let our distinctly qualified lawyers help you contact us today at: R.A. Civil & Business Litigation Law NYC 73-19 172nd street Fresh Meadows, NY 11366 (718) 206-1035